Table of Contents

1 <2018-05-15 Tue>

Weather: thunderstorm, hail. Returned to working on Gwir

2 <2018-05-14 Mon>

Weather: sunny. Uneventful.

3 <2018-05-13 Sun>

Weather: light rain. Removed chroot, resigned to multiarch.

4 <2018-05-12 Sat>

Weather: pouring rain. Uneventful.

5 <2018-05-11 Fri>

Weather: warm. Moved out. Set up a 32-bit chroot on laptop.

6 <2018-05-10 Thu>

Weather: warm with rain. Moving.

7 <2018-05-09 Wed>

Weather: pleasant. Coming from Tuesday into Wednesday, the last all-nighter of my undergraduate career.

8 <2018-05-08 Tue>

Weather: mild and warm. Uneventful (studying for exams).

9 <2018-05-07 Mon>

Weather: hot. Uneventful (studying for exams).

10 <2018-05-06 Sun>

Weather: oppressively hot. Uneventful (studying for exams).

11 <2018-05-05 Sat>

Weather: cooler, raining. Uneventful (studying for exams).

12 <2018-05-04 Fri>

Weather: very hot, flowers blooming. Worked on Gwir. Debugged hash map and priority queue implementation. Impemented graph (adjacency matrix using hash maps).

13 <2018-05-03 Thu>

Weather: very hot, rain around midnight. Uninstalled qutebrowser again, after 6 months of use. Graphical web browsers are distraction machines. Back to elinks for the summer at least.

14 <2018-05-02 Wed>

Weather: mild. Starting.

Author: Samuel Breese

Created: 2018-06-09 Sat 23:31