I develop a rogue-like computer game called Gwir. The game attempts to create a beautiful and compelling experience exclusively focused on the terminal, extensively using Unicode glyphs and 256-color functionality when available.

Thomas Logion Seven

I wrote and maintain an ultra-lite tabletop role playing game called Thomas Logion Seven that should be compatible with most OSR material. The material within is based heavily on Searchers of the Unknown by Nicolas Dessaux, Carcosa by Geoffrey McKinney, and many other forgotten OSR supplements I have read over the past several years. The system is intended to be extremely simple and easy to introduce to new players, but with enough spice to hold player interest and enough mechanical depth to run classic modules.

Eternal Formats

I avidly play and follow the Legacy, Vintage, Old School (Eternal Central rules, '93/'94, '95, and '96), and Competitive EDH formats of Magic: The Gathering. If you are a fan of the eternal formats and happen to be in the area of the Rensselaer campus, please contact me if you'd like to play some games.

Author: Samuel Breese

Created: 2019-03-09 Sat 15:45